Street Name Changes

Bremen Street to Stanwix Street
Duryea Street becomes Hancock Street sometime between 1886 and 1907
Grove Street got its name from Boulevard Grove, a park at the intersection of Grove and Bushwick. It was a picnic ground until 1863.
Ivy changes to Madison between 1888 and 1907
Gates Avenue appears as Magnolia Street on 1886 Map
Prospect Street becomes Noll Street between 1888 and 1907
Vigelius Street becomes Jefferson Avenue sometime between 1886 and 1907
Wall Street changed to Arion Place after Arion Hall, a nineteenth century concert venue. The hall was associated with the Arion Society, a choral group and musical society founded by German immigrants. The name “Arion,” is derived from a seventh century BC poet and lyre player in Greek mythology.[1]
Yates Place to Sumner Place between 1886 and 1907
Ralph changed to Menahan

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