Elmer R.

Preservation has always been something that humans knew to do with things important or valuable to them. These days we rely on it to preserve our history. We need it to keep our legacy alive, to learn from the past to make a better future. The preservation of Bushwick’s buildings is to to keep the history of Bushwick alive. Old neighborhoods can’t live without their history. Because if they lose their history they lose their value. Each neighborhood has a different story. When we take care of each detail of our most important buildings,we are preserving it. By preserving building we can track the transformation that they have had during the transition of the times.The buildings can be interpreted in many ways, in different aspects: like environments, art, economy, or architecture, and in many other ways. One building could be the manifestation of diverse cultures at the same time.

From my perspective the most important building to preserved is located between Linden St. and Bushwick Ave. This building is important for preservation because is has original details, and its styles are based in two totally different historically styles. Having two totally different styles in the same building makes it unique and historically more valuable. This combination looks good and is important for historical preservation. The pink house in Cornelia st. (56 Cornelia) is also important for preservation because its style is also totally different from the other styles of architecture in the area. This house is small, but had extravagant ornamentation. Most parts of this house are original, but overall the house is a remarkable historic building.The Masonic temple is the last (but not least) building that I think is important to preservation. This temple has original elements associated with important organizations or companies that have had great influences in Bushwick and in New York.

Conservation of buildings also has another meaning and that is to “save” history. As the history sources become scarcer it is important to learn how to save history. One way is preserving buildings. Today there are many ways to preserve buildings. It is important for all people to realize the need for conserving historic architecture. It is impossible to the civilization continue forward if we don’t preserve and learn from the history from where we came.

Elmer R.-New York City Academy of Urban Planning