789-795 Bushwick Avenue

789-795 Bushwick Avenue

Northeast corner of DeKalb Avenue
Block 3231, Lots 42-45

789-795 Bushwick Avenue, (2011) Credit: Kelly Autumn Carroll

Year Built: 1882
Building Type: Rowhouse
Architect: D.T. Atwood
Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: John W. Howard
Proposed District: N/A

History and Analysis

These four rowhouses were built in 1882 by D.T. Atwood, at a cost of $4,000 each. Atwood published Country Houses and How to Build Them: Classic House Plans for Village and Farm in 1871. Each of these rowhouses possess their original footprint, including 795 which has an extension which appears noted in the Real Estate Record; it is not an alteration. These beautiful homes possess high architectural integrity such as original stoops, entries, door hoods, sandstone incised lintels, original masonry cladding, and wooden cornices.