715, 717, and 719 Bushwick Avenue

715, 717, 719 Bushwick Aveneue

Between Suydam and Hart Streets
Block 3215, Lots 4, 3, and 1


Year Built: 715 and 717 were built in 1915; 719/lot 1 (the addition) was built on the site of the former Bushwick Democratic Club, when that landmark building was destroyed by fire in the 1970s.
Building Type: Townhouses, with addition
Architect: Unknown
Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown
Proposed District:

History and Analysis

715 and 717 are attached townhouses; 719 (lot 1) was formerly the site of the Bushwick Democratic Club, which burnt down in the 1970s, whereupon the property was co-opted by the owners of 717, who built some sort of massive shed on it—known as the “All Eyes on Egypt Bookstore,” 717 and 719 have been home to the Black-power Nuwaubian cult since the 1970s.

Additional Section/ Additional Photography

Bushwick_Dem_Club_slash_Cult_Garage_-_historic.jpg 719 Bushwick Avenue – Bushwick democratic Club, 1925 (via NYPL Digital Archive)

DSC_0184.JPGAnother view of the monolithic post-1970s addition on that site.