582-586 Bushwick Avenue

582-586 Bushwick Avenue

Between Arion Place and Melrose Street
Block 3150, Lot 28, 29, 30

582-586 Bushwick Avenue (2011). Credit: Heather Hartshorn.

Year Built: 1886
Building Type: Tenement
Architect: George Hillenbrand
Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Henry Huether
Proposed District: N/A

History and Analysis

These three 25′ x 56′ tenements were built 34′ high with frame construction, stone foundation walls on earth and brick upper walls coped with bluestone. The cornices are wood with a flat “tin” roof. Each was constructed to house a store and two families on the first floor, and two families each on the second and third floors. In 1947, 584 Bushwick Avenue had a restaurant on the first floor along with one family on the second floor and two on the third. Sarah Fee owned 582 Bushwick Avenue until her death in 1947.

These three three-story brick tenements retain their original metal cornices and stone lintels. However, the windows have been replaced and the storefronts have been heavily altered.