48 Weirfield St

48 Weirfield Street

Between Bushwick Ave and Broadway
Block 3401, Lot 28


Year Built: 1889
Building Type: Rowhouse
Architectural Style:
Architect: Cozine & Gascoine
Builder: Cozine & Gascoine
Original Owner: Cozine & Gascoine

History and Analysis

This Cozine & Gascoine house is an atypical example of the surrounding speculative housing. Unlike the rest of the Weirfield Street row of two story over basement structures, this is a three-story over basement house distinguished by an angled bay window that runs the full height of the building. Furthermore, a typical C&G house costs under $3,000 to build, however this home had a projected construction cost of $4000. The architects and building firm Cozine & Gascoine were speculative developers responsible for the construction of approximately 1,000 structures in the Bushwick area.