1250-1252 Bushwick Avenue

1250-1252 Bushwick Avenue

Between/Corner Cross Streets
Block 3401, Lot 31-32


Year Built: c.1854
Building Type: Originally a Single Family Detached House
Architect: Unknown
Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Thomas W. Field
Proposed District:

History and Analysis

This Romanesque inspired home is a four story house with an attached five story tower built by Thomas W. Field (c.1820-1881) with an estimated construction date of 1854. Historic photos indicate that the home was originally designed with a front stoop and stairs of a full-story in height, these have subsequently been removed, although the original doorway appears intact. Mr. Field was born in Onondaga Hill, NY, taught in Williamsburg’s public schools and was later elected as the Brooklyn’s Public Schools Superintendent. Mr. Field was also known for his extensive Americana library and had been known to write a few books on the subject as well.
[1] According to a 1869 map Mr. Field owned the entire block and named the street “Weirfield” by combining his first wife’s name, Charlotte Weir, and his own.[2]

Additional Section/ Additional Photography

Photographs from the Eugene L. Armbruster collection (NYPL) from 1923. Armbruster states that these houses were owned by Thomas W. Field in 1854.