1232-1242 Bushwick Avenue

1232-1242 Bushwick Avenue

Between Weirfield Street and Hancock Street
Block 3394, Lots 34-38

1232-1238 Bushwick Avenue (2011) Credit: Dianne Pierce O’Brien
1234-1242 Bushwick Avenue (2011) Credit: Dianne Pierce O’Brien
1232 Bushwick Avenue (2011) Credit: Dianne Pierce O’Brien

Year Built: 1888
Building Type: Rowhouses
Architect: Duffy & Jackson
Builder: Duffy & Jackson
Original Owner: Duffy & Jackson

History and Analysis

1232-1242 Bushwick Avenue is a row of five two-and-a-half-story rowhouses, all three bays wide, located between Hancock Street and Weirfield Street. All five are now covered in vinyl or asphalt siding with most of the front and side facade ornament removed, including the stoops at numbers 1234-1242, so it is difficult to determine their original architectural style, which was possibly Gothic Revival. These wood framed structures were built for $2,800 each in 1888 as a speculative development venture by Duffy & Jackson who resided at 164 Powers Street.

Additional Section/ Additional Photography

In 1900, there were multiple mid-sized families, some with servants, living in these rowhouses. Most residents were born in the United States with parents born in the United States or Germany. The occupations of the residents ranged from working to middle class professions, including physicians, printers, dressmakers, and builders.