1222-1226 Bushwick Avenue

1222-1226 Bushwick Avenue

Between Bushwick Avenue and Hancock Street
Block 3394, Lots 29-31

1222 Bushwick Avenue (2011) Credit: Dianne Pierce O’Brien
1124 Bushwick Avenue (2011) Credit: Dianne Pierce O’Brien
1226 Bushwick Avenue (2011) Credit: Dianne Pierce O’Brien

Year Built: 1890
Building Type: Tenement / Commercial
Architect: B. O’Rolhke
Builder: Moores & LeQuesue
Original Owner: Robert E. McCafferty

History and Analysis

1222-1226 Bushwick Avenue is a row of three three-story brick-framed Italianate tenements located between Hancock Street and Weirfield Street. All have projecting bays extending the height of the right side of the front facade, main entrances to the left of the front facade at street level, and tin roofs. All appear to retain most of their original ornamental features, except for the heavily altered ground level at 1222. These structures were built in 1890 as a speculative development venture designed by B. O’Rolhke, built by Moores and LeQuesue, and financed by Robert E. McCafferty who resided at 930 Gates Avenue in 1890, and by 1900 who resided next to the development in a rowhouse at 1228 Bushwick Avenue.

Additional Section/ Additional Photography

In 1900, there were multiple small families living in each tenement. Most residents were born in New York with parents also born in New York. The residents had a variety of professions, such as real estate brokers, druggists, salesmen, and policemen. Most families were renters, and a few had servants.