1144-46 Bushwick Avenue

1144-46 Bushwick Avenue

Corner of Bushwick Avenue and Putnam Avenue
Block 3366, Lot 42,43


Corner of Bushwick Avenue and Putnam Avenue, Credit: Ogawa, Asuka

Year Built: 1899
Building Type: Apartment and Store
Architect: Walter B. Wills
Builder: Walter B. Wills
Original Owner: Philip Steingotter
Proposed District: Bushwick Avenue Historic District

History and Analysis

1144-1146 Bushwick Avenue is a row of two four stories brick and terra cotta apartment and store building. They were built in 1889 for total cost of $24,000 in 1899 by Walter B. Wills. The original owner, Philip Steingotter who resided at 1354 Bushwick Avenue, also developed 1185-95 Bushwick Avenue in 1891, and 1180-84 Bushwick Avenue in 1903. Although the ground floor of 1146 Bushwick Avenue has been altered to allow commercial development, both structures appear to remain intact, retaining much of the original architectural details, including the brick and terra cotta facade, wood cornices, and decorative lintels.

Additional Section/ Additional Photography

Original Elevation (facing Putnam Avenue) by Walter B. Wills, 1889. Credit: New York City, Department of Buildings.