1136-40 Bushwick Avenue

1136-40 Bushwick Avenue

Between Madison Avenue and Putnam Avenue
Block 3366, Lot 39-41


1136-40 Bushwick Avenue, 2011. Credit: Ogawa, Asuka

Year Built: 1888-1889
Building Type: Tenement
Architect: Theobald M. Engelhardt
Builder: Lorenz Frank (Lot 39, 40), Regina Laubenheimer (Lot 41)
Original Owner: Lorenz Frank (Lot 39, 40), Regina Laubenheimer (Lot 41)
Proposed District: Bushwick Avenue Historic District

History and Analysis

1136-1140 Bushwick Avenue is a row of three three-story brick filled frame tenement, designed by Theobald M. Engelhardt. According to the documents from the Brooklyn Department of Buildings, 1136 and 1138 Bushwick Avenue were built for $4,500 each by their owner Lorenz Frank, and 1140 Bushwick Avenue was built a year after for $5,000 by its owner Regina Laubenheimer. 1136 and 1140 Bushwick Avenue are covered in vinyl siding, and none of them retains its original brick facade, tin roof, nor wood cornice.