1124-1130 Bushwick Avenue

1124-30 Bushwick Avenue

Between Madison Avenue and Putnam Street
Block 3366, Lot 34-37


1124-30 Bushwick Avenue, Credit: Ogawa, Asuka

Year Built: 1891
Building Type: Tenement
Architect: Stephen J. Burrows (236 Ainslie Street)
Builder: Stephen J. Burrows (236 Ainslie Street)
Original Owner: Stephen J. Burrows (236 Ainslie Street)
Proposed District: Bushwick Avenue Historic District

History and Analysis

1124-1130 Bushwick Avenue is a row of four three-story tenements, built for $4,500 each in 1891 by Stephen J. Burrows who resided at 236 Ainslie Street, following the development of 1035-1057 Jefferson Avenue and 1197-1205 Bushwick Avenue in 1890. These structures are covered in vinyl or asphalt siding, and no longer have the original brick facade, metal roofs, and wood cornices (1124-1128 Bushwick Avenue), so it is difficult to determine their original architectural style. 1124 Bushwick Avenue has been altered drastically to allow commercial development on the ground floor, which is currently occupied by a grocery store.