1025 Bushwick

1025 Bushwick Avenue

Between Grove and Linden
Block 3322 Lot 36

Perez, Lauren; 2011

Year Built:1888
Building Type: Single-family detached
Architect: F. K. Irving
Original Owner: S.M. Meeker
Proposed District: Bushwick Avenue Historic District

History and Analysis

Why chosen: Here’s another of Bushwick’s eclectic houses on its main thoroughfare, Bushwick Avenue. Little information is available as to the original owner, or the architect, but the house is textbook Shingle Style Queen Anne, much altered throughout its life, but a survivor, nonetheless, and is still listed as a one family. The house is actually much larger than it looks from the front. The base of the house is brick. That bulbous oriel on the front probably had large windows all around and thus would be balanced by the arched porch and curved roofline on the other side of the facade. You can see the main portion of the house from the side, and it’s still got some original detail left in the stained glass transoms and decorative windows, and in the dormer at the center of the house. The house probably had fish scale or plain shingles originally, perhaps painted white or another light color. A tax photo (with the wrong address) from the 1970’s shows a painted light yellowy sienna brick base with naturally weathered brown shingles, and perhaps the original slate roof. The house also had a nice row of shrubbery at its base, which add much to the curb appeal. I like this color scheme better than the present monotone red brick, with little vegetation. Bushwick Avenue was once home to the brewers, bankers, lawyers and businessmen who made this a very prosperous neighborhood in the late 1800’s.

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